Here is a tribute to people around the world who wrote to us. Thank you so much! - Everyone at Keyboard For Blondes ☺

“Totally awesome keyboard!” L., Denmark

“Already told at least 3 other people who are seriously considering ordering it as well. I might have to put lo-jack on it to make sure they don't take mine.” G., USA

While placing order for her friend: “I really love mine” C., USA

“Marvelous product” B. Poland

“Fantastic idea, this keyboard!!!...:-))” C., Denmark

“When I first saw this keyboard on, and followed your link, I could not stop laughing. I told my Dad I wanted one for my birthday. He just placed the order on Saturday and I can't wait for it to arrive.” G., USA

“Super cool keyboard. A Danish newspaper has written about your product, so maybe more blondes (and others) from Denmark would like to get one of these.” C., Denmark

"I am a brunette, I bought it and love it ! its funny ,original and doesnt hurt anyone ...! I am from France by the way, there is at least 1 keyboard for blondes in France !!!" S. (France)

“I want it..!! :D “ T., Denmark


… a few days later: “I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!! The pink beauty was delivered yesterday. I showed the UPS driver what it was and now she wants one! About three hours later I got a call from the UPS depot and they wanted to see it. I took it by today (Saturday) and now they all want one! I showed it to friends and now they want one! I'll bet you are swamped with orders! Go! Go! Go!” C. (USA)

“First of all i want to congratulate you for the idea, the cool website and the nice work . You have sense of humor and it is very good for your lifestyle and for business also. I see the picture"be bold" and i am laughing. Your product is very good. I believe that many customers would buy keyboard for blondes (most of them to send it as a gift).” N. (Greece)

“Darlings! I just discovered your absolutely fabulous keyboard!” A. (Sweden)

"I have one. In fact, i am typing on it now. :D " Youtube post (France)

“I love it!!!!!!!!! I´m not blonde, but i have blonde moments like, six times a day XD I´m totally going to show this to my girl friends!!! Keep the good work! XOXO from Argentina!!! jajaja!” M., Argentina

“My girlfreind needs one badly! Im from Denmark, by the way!” M., Denmark

Hello! I really really need this for my sister in birthday present for her! plus my sis would probably be the first to own this wonderful keyboard in Denmark at all! That would be so cool!” H., Denmark

“I absolutely LOVE your idea! It is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time.” K., Denmark

“Hi, Cool product! “ JB, Denmark

“Hi Blondes, cool keyboard !!!!” M., Germany

“it's fantastic” M. Poland

“Hi, this is a fantastic idea - the keyboard looks great, and I would love to give it to my girlfriend as a present.“ P., Germany

“Supercooooool keyboard” C., Switzerland

“I think that your fab, fab invention is the coolest thing I've seen” D., USA

“It's awesome. :)” D., Czech Republic

“I have a friend (. blonde of course! .) who saw me giggling at this and thought that she needed one. I was going to get her one for christmas . Awesome keyboard, and if it came in IT blue and hardcore nerd buttons (. no leet speak .) I would want one for work too =) Thanks” C., Canada

”I'm totally blown away by this keyboard and I wanna, I wanna, I wanna. Your neighbor to the north“ M., Canada

“Adoreiiiiiiiiiiiiii,sou loira e não achei uma ofensa se sente burro quem realmente não conhece sua inteligência ..achei lindo o teclado maravilhoso estão de parabéns.” D., Brazil

“Hey I just ordered a keyboard for my girlfriend :) Are you planning on making others? Maybe for guys too? :) Where everything is cool and hightech or something :D Very funny anyway. “ B., Europe

“Is this a real product? Or is this just a humor website? If it's real, I need to order one for a friend!” M., USA

“Hi, please, make this keyboard in other colors. I'm dark man and I hate pink, but I want similar keyboard in other colour. peace, Me ps. Sorry, my English is very, very bad ;)” B., Poland

“we love your keyboard. We got to have one!!” LC, Norway

“best ..., i would like to buy this keyboard for my sister b-day. And what is the song used on the site.."tres tres cool, c'est fantastique.." cause i can't find the song on the internet.. Thanks” B. Netherlands

“I love it, finally a keyboard I understand how to use.” M., Netherlands

“hi! I'm from austria and very interested in buying this funny keyboard. “ M., Austria

“Can hardly wait to get my keyboard!” S., USA

“Honestly, great idea guys!” M., USA


“think it would be wild to have one. Yes, I'm blonde! My son sent me this link. I sent it to all my blonde friends.” S., USA

“omg i want one please send me one for Christmas :-)” F., USA

“Whoa!! Wow!! Brava!! Brava!! Yea!! Yea!! Way to go!!! “ C., USA

“I was order # XXXXX placed 12/15/08 Received it on 12/19/08. Very fun, thanks so much!!! I will bring it to my poker party and show all my friends!!” S., USA

“I just placed order for my boss to give to his finance.” P., USA

“This is the old lady and I would like to know if this is available in stores yet? I would really like it for christmas so that I can show it off. My family will say why don't you stop spending on foolish things? My answer is "because I want it!!” S., USA

“I don't know how my friend came about this, oddly enough it was a guy and he's straight up a metal dude and how he knows about this is beyond me, but so glad he showed me this link b/c this is one of the most amazing/awesome gifts I've ever seen!!!! I sent the link to ALL of my friends! I'd so get one even though I have black hair but I love it bc it's pink and it's totally cracking me up! AWESOME...that's all I can say!” V., USA

“I can hear the oops and uh oh’s even now! Thanks very much. Blond S. and Blond D.” USA

“You people are awesome! Thanks so much!” MV, USA

“Hello, I read about the keyboard for blondes in a magazine and the first thing I thought was: Yes! That's it! great idea! Greetings” S., USA

“I did download the software and what is kind of funny is that the lady’s voice sounds an awful lot like the point where my 5-year old daughter thought it was me talking!
I saw the keyboard being talked about on Fox sometime in December” A. USA

“I love my keyboard for blondes !” S., France

Steph Autery, writer:
“Top 10 things I love about the Keyboard For Blondes:
1. It’s pink! I mean, purple is my true favorite color, but pink is pretty close.
2. it plugs right into my USB hub and, aside from a quick download and installation for full sound effect enjoyment, is ready to go!
3. The F keys are labeled as "useless keys," which I find incredibly amusing.
4. You can make internet-speak even easier with keyboard shortcuts for such as IDK, OMG, SOS ("Shoes on Sale"), and LOL.
5. When bored, you can follow one of the three "pink keys" to a random website (sort of like StumbleUpon...yet on a much smaller scale).
6. You play music with the number keys.
7. No one else I know has this keyboard. Which makes me feel somewhat special
8. You can turn off the sound if you'd like...but why would you want to?
9. It just like any other keyboard...yet has way more to offer in terms of entertainment value.”